Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Men’s Basketball Team Volunteers at Highland Park Elementary

             In the month of November, the men’s basketball team made a few visits to Highland Park Elementary School to be involved with a couple different classrooms. The first time, the Generals visited Meagan Dow’s 2nd grade class. The students took turns interviewing the men’s basketball players and practicing their reading lessons. Please see the link below for a video of one student interviewing freshman forward Tre McCallum.

                Different members from the basketball team visited Kerri Parr-Cook’s music class, where they sang Christmas songs to help prepare the children for their annual Christmas recital. With all the music and singing, a dance battle broke out between one student and sophomore forward Bennie Lufile. The link to the video is posted below.

                The Sheridan College Men’s Basketball team would like to be involved as much as possible with the Sheridan community. If you know of any volunteer opportunities for our student-athletes, please contact Tom Parks at 307-674-6446 ext. 4003 or

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