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SC Generals - Available Sophomores

Sheridan College Available Sophomores

Coaches, as the season winds down, we wanted to send you some information on our available sophomores that are still open to recruitment.
We have four sophomores that are still very open to recruitment at this point in time, that we wanted to highlight. Several of these players aren’t getting as much recruitment as they would have if 3 of our other players didn’t sign D1 during the early period (Alston to St. Bonaventure, Dure to Arkansas State, Rodriguez to Nevada). Please let us know if you have any interest or questions for the following players. I’ve included full-game and highlight links (where applicable) for each player below. If you need more film on DVD we’d be happy to send out. The easiest & quickest way is to send an email to or call me at 307-674-6446 x 4000.

 We also have some qualifier Freshmen that would entertain D1 possibilities at this point in time.
We appreciate your interest in our players! Coach Smiley…

 Jeff Amazan:

Hometown: Boston, MA

Previous Schools: East Boston, TAAG Academy Prep (FL), Highland CC (IL)

Height & Weight: 6’3.5”, 205

Position: SG / SF / (PF in right system)

Academics: On pace to graduate (has to finish second English class in May to finalize Associates).

Projected level: LM+

Key Stats: 262lb Bench Press, 410lb Squat, 34pullup max, 36.5 Drop Step Vert (#2 on team),

10.3 ppg, 4.4 rpg, Started 16 games this year.

18 points vs Snow, 17 points 9 rebounds vs. Eastern Wyoming, 20 points vs. NJC, 12 points vs. Casper, 13 & 8 vs. Northwest WY, 14 vs Western Wyoming, 14 & 8 vs. Gillette, 20points at Northwest WY

***Named to the Region 9 All-Tournament Team!

Full-game film vs. Northwest in Region 9 Tourney:

Coach Smiley’s comments: “Jeff was an extremely multi-dimensional player in our system this season, playing anywhere from the 1-4. His primary position is on the wing, but he can create for others, and his strength allows him to play a 3 or 4 at the next level as well. He has the ability to get to the rim and finish, and also shoots well from the 3. He’s also a great rebounding guard and really is good guarding on the ball.”


Kyi Thomas:

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Previous Schools: Sheldon HS, Sacramento State

Height & Weight: 6’4”, 200

Position: SG / SF

Academics: On pace to graduate in the spring. *Will have 3 yrs left, was a redshirt at Sac State last year.

Projected level: LM (has 3 years left)

Key Stats: 246lb Bench Press, 496lb Squat, 35” Drop Step Vert.

Started our last 9 games, undefeated during that stretch until we lost in Final 4.

Top defensive player on the team. 42% from 2FG.

18pts vs Colorado Northwestern. 12 points vs. Little Big Horn, 11pts 5 reb vs. Western Wyoming,

Full-game film vs. Colorado Northwestern: (box score below)

Coach Smiley’s comments: “Kyi was stuck for most of the season behind several D1 players, but when he was given an opportunity late in the year, he seized the opportunity to be our top defender and never relinquished a starting spot. Kyi’s a phenomenal athlete, strong and explosive, and can guard a multitude of different players. Offensively, as he simplified his game later in the year, he really started to blossom. He’s a capable 3-point shooter and really hard to guard when he attacks the rim. Kyi’s another terrific rebounder as a big guard.”

 Tate Hilgenkamp:

Hometown: Laramie, WY

Height & Weight: 5’10”, 165

Position: PG / SG

Academics: On pace to graduate

Projected level: D2 / NAIA

Key Stats: 216lb Bench, 428lb Squat, 32pull-up max. Started final 6 games of season, was 8-1 as starting PG. Shoots 42% from 3FG. Scored 10 pts vs. Gillette, 10pts at Casper, 10pts at Central Wyoming in last 6 games of regular season.

Full-game vs. Gillette College:

Coach Smiley’s comments: “One of my all-time favorite players. Was a team-first player during his entire career as he played limited minutes behind several D1 players. After a losing streak late in the season, we gave Tate a chance to start and run the show and he far exceeded our expectations, helping us to win 9 straight games before our season ending loss in the Final 4 of the Regional. Tate is a great shooter from 3, crafty at getting to the rim or hitting the pull-up, and has a very good Assist:TO ratio. Tate has a great feel for the game, doesn’t put himself in bad situations on the floor, and makes others around him better.”



Taylor Millay:

Hometown: Casper, WY

Height & Weight: 6’7”, 260

Position: Post

Academics: Will have 48 transferable

Projected level: D2 / NAIA

Key Stats: 236lb Bench, 475lb Squat. Shoots 50% from the field.

One of our top Rebounders per 30 minutes played, but stats are low because playing behind several mid-level D1 players.

Coach Smiley’s comments: “I truly believe Taylor is a diamond in the rough, with the lack of true post players available. He would be an absolute steal in the NAIA and would be a good D2 post player for sure in the right system. Taylor prefers to play back to basket, but also can face up from 10’-15’, runs the floor well, is physical & tough, and is a good rebounder. I was disappointed that we weren’t able to get Taylor more quality minutes this year (played behind 3 posts that will all go D1), but he is well worth a D2 or NAIA taking.”


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